Room to improve popular dance

The February meeting of your Valley Center Animal League was dominated, as one would expect, with a review of the Father-Daughter Dance, which was held on Feb. 8. Members related good memories about numerous experiences they witnessed and comments they heard from the attendees. 

In general, we were very satisfied with the event, but rather than taking a bow and hurting our arms patting ourselves on the back, most of our time was spent looking for areas that could be improved next year. Disappointment was expressed in table service preference and especially the table clearing area. We will correct those shortcomings and tweak several other areas next year. 

Once again, we thank the community for another year of a sold-out event.

Paul Harvey was a well-known news commentator in the last decade, broadcasting to a national audience from Chicago during the noon hour. His sign-off was always “and that’s the rest of the story.” Many exerts from his broadcasts are available on You Tube including his “And So God Made a Farmer,” which for Midwesterners like ourselves, especially stands out. Although he apparently didn’t do a “God Made a Dog,” others did so and copied the format established by Harvey:

“God said ‘I need somebody strong enough to pull sleds, and find bombs yet gentle enough to love babies and lead the blind, somebody who will spend all day on a couch with a resting head and supportive eyes to lift the spirits of a broken heart So God Made a Dog.”

We introduced a new member this week, and she and her webmaster husband are very welcomed by our membership. She was the mesmerizing voice behind the “Frozen” theme at the dance and is a certified dog trainer. She is clearly going to be a great fit for us, so hip, hip, hooray for Christy Miller! 

And many thanks to her husband, Kaden Miller, who is working on a new website for the league. Kudos to him also!

We are elated to say that three of our rescued dogs have been adopted since our last edition. Daisy, Nellie and Bella have found their forever homes. Still in our care are Pleakley, a female mixed breed; Salvador, a male mixed; and Star, yet another male mixed breed. All three of these dogs are very friendly tail wagers. 

Speaking for a family that has adopted more than several mixed-breed dogs from shelters, a dog going to its forever home seems to be aware of what is happening. It’s always a joyful event for man and beast. 

Seeing feral cats in your neighborhood? We offer a trap, neuter and return program. 

We always, always need foster homes for the displaced animals that find their way to us. 

Our next meeting is March 18 at the beautiful new Valley Center Library, 314 E. Clay Street, at 7 p.m. You’re invited to come celebrate animals with us. For general information, please contact Dawn Taylor at 353-5256 or Ray Sledge, 305-3299.

Feral cat help or information, Ed Varner, 616-7487.

Ed Varner is a member of the Valley Center Animal League.

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