League offers pet food delivery

We are here to offer porch delivery of pet food to at-risk pet owners in the Valley Center area. For those experiencing economic strain or those affected by recent employment changes can contact us for assistance with pet food. We are partnering with Paw Prints Pet Supply and will help those in need as long as Paw Prints has food available.

Please let us know if you or someone you know in the Valley Center area is in need. 

The more we work together, the better we all will be!

Please contact Tria at 295-4334. We are here to help.

Last week’s edition of our favorite newspaper addressed food ingredients as printed on each bag or can of dog food. Summarizing, we failed to identify with assurance any one or group of brands that offered the best nourishments for dogs. The skeptic in me believes that some, maybe most, of dog food manufacturers are selling snake oil on their ingredients list as shown on the package in which their product is sold. 

I don’t believe filet mignon, real bacon, wild caught salmon, or many other mouth-watering delicacies Mr. Purina or Ms. Rachel Ray are advertising are in their attractive and colorful bags. 

But keep those cards and letters coming. However, I’d prefer that you not involve your John Jones, Esq. attorney in our debate, thank you very much!

How about cat food? you ask. It appears that the same arguments put forward above apply to dry cat food, the only difference being exotic seafood is favored by the purveyors. I couldn’t find any lobster or king crab fairy tails in the big box offerings. However, their Special Kitty private label is currently undergoing a big change in the appearance of their bag and canned wet product. 

It doesn’t interest our feral colony what their food comes in but one thing our 15 or so feeding station visitors expect is breakfast by 7 a.m. and dinner before 5 p.m. While we’re on the subject of cats, it is very clear that at least some of them drop an unwelcome package in the yard of our cul-d-sac hater on a regular basis. Now those cats deserve the aforementioned lobster flavor in their food!

Cat Lady, Brenda Adams, became the surrogate mother to a feral cat recently. The cat was so grateful, she presented her with six kittens, five of which are males. The lone female has an adopter, but the five males will soon need fosters to domesticate them after which they will be in need of their forever homes.

Fostering kittens snuggled into a big towel and listening to them purr is a heartwarming experience. It can be an opportunity for children as young as 3 or 4 to be exposed to the feral-to-domesticated transition. Please contact Brenda at 305-3701 or Valley Center Animal League President Dawn Taylor at 392-5256. Your children will be glad you did.

Ed Varner is a member of the Valley Center Animal League.

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